Akaljot Singh

Undergraduate Student

Akaljot (AJ) is a Neuroscience major graduating in May 2015. He began his MBL work with Mike and Krista as a SURF student during the summer of 2013. His projects focus on maintaining homeostasis in cartilage explants (as measured by tissue stiffness, extracellular matrix production, and tissue swelling). Eager for more, he continued his work during the 2013-2014 academic year with the scope of his projects extending to also characterize the importance of TGF-Beta signaling in cartilage (via inhibitor supplementation) and studying the interaction of TGF-B with cortisol in cartilage tissue. AJ is originally from the Akron/Cleveland area of Ohio. He enjoys working in the lab, particularly while dressed up (as pictured). Outside the lab, he works as a Resident Adviser for the LLC (freshmen and sophomores) and as a Teaching Assistant for the undergraduate Genetics course. In his spare time, he enjoys watching Lost and Game of Thrones.

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