Jian Ni

Research Interests

  • Dynamics and Control
  • Rehabilitation Robotics
  • Medical Device
  • Human-Centered Robotics


  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbra, 2020


Before his M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering at Columbia, Jian was an undergraduate mechanical engineering student at the University of California, Santa Barbra. Since that period of time, he holds a strong interest in designing medical devices and robotics. During his senior year, he has worked on a project that concentrated on the research and development of a special kind of shoes for foot-drop patients. This project’s design was intended to alleviate the patients' daily inconvenience and help them walk more safely and faster. After gaining the foot-drop shoe prototype, Jian and his team designed, assembled, and built a test rig that could test the durability of the shoes for future improvement. Currently, Jian concentrates on Robotics and Control at Columbia University and he aspires to work on more projects that design medical devices and human-centered robotics.