Lucie G. Karbowski

Lucie is a visiting Master's student in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Lorraine in France performing her internship over the summer of 2014. Her research project involves studying cartilage matrix remodeling and mechanotransduction via the TGF-ß signaling pathway in tissue explants. Lucie has also worked on optimizing protocols for both histological assessment of cartilage matrix proteins and biochemical quantification of collagen in cartilage explants and tissue engineered constructs. Lucie's background is in molecular biology and she hopes to continue to translate these skills into bioengineering applications by pursuing a PhD upon completion of her Master's degree. In her spare time, Lucie likes to explore New York City and especially enjoys exploring Japanese-American culture. In addition Lucie likes to run around the department, drink VitaminWater, and eat fresh blueberries. Back home in France, she practices equestrian sports and snowboarding.