Michael A. Soltz

Current Position

Director - Medtronic

Research Interests

  • Cartilage mechanics
  • Cartilage tribology


  • B.S. University of Wisconsin - Madison, Mechanical Engineering, 1994
  • M.S. Columbia University, Mechanical Engineering, 1996
  • M.Phil. Columbia University, Mechanical Engineering, 1999
  • Ph.D. Columbia University, Mechanical Engineering, 2000

After graduation, Mike worked as an Engineer at Thoratec, as a Principal Engineer at Covidien then at Becton Dickinson. He is currently Director at Medtronic, in Fairfield, CT.


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Huang, C. Y., Soltz, M. A., Kopacz, M., Mow, V. C., and Ateshian, G. A., 2003. Experimental verification of the roles of intrinsic matrix viscoelasticity and tension-compression nonlinearity in the biphasic response of cartilage. J Biomech Eng 125, 84-93, PubMed.

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Soltz, M. A., and Ateshian, G. A., 1998. Experimental verification and theoretical prediction of cartilage interstitial fluid pressurization at an impermeable contact interface in confined compression. J Biomech 31, 927-934, PubMed.