SB3C 2021 - Virtual Conference

On the week of June 14 - 18, Kim, CV, and Katie presented their recent work at the Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering, and Biotransport Conference. Like last year, the 2021 conference was held virtually.

Kim presented her work, Crosslinking of collagen across cartilage tears for improved interface strength., before a live Zoom audience. This was Kim's first conference presentation!

Katie and CV presented their work via a poster session. Katie's work, Altering surface curvature or patellar osteochondral allografts through subject-specific modification of subchondral bone., was featured in the "Injury, Bone, Joint and Musculoskeletal" poster session. CV's work, Effect of temperature on equilibrium compressive modulus of immature bovine articular cartilage., was featured in the "Soft Tissue Biomechanics" poster session.

Congratulations to everyone for a successful conference!

June 18, 2021