One year of COVID-19

This month marks one year since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 as a pandemic. One year ago, MBL packed up our desks and started working from home. Since then, Brandon graduated and began a postdoctoral position at Johns Hopkins University. At the same time, Jay has been hard at work preparing to defend his thesis in the upcoming months. Neither has been back to the lab since that day we packed up last March. None of us realized quite how long we would be gone! Katie, CV, Kim (and occasionally Courtney) have been back in the lab on a semi-regular basis since June to run experiments. Even though we know we have a long way to go until we get back to "pre-pandemic normal," we have adjusted to this new type of lab environment and are grateful to keep getting to do what we love whether in lab or at home -- research!

March 10, 2021